Good Overview of the Fraud Proof Voting System - written 2013/10
New complete SEEV FraudProofVoting Presentation as pdf file - 600k
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Seev is 'sms external encrypted voting' - a system conceived and designed by me - Alex Weir - in 2006 and greatly improved during 2007. It is feared and loathed by UK and USA, and not much liked either by China, who regard it as 'dangerous'.

I often call it also 'fraud-proof-voting' (#fraudproofvoting - or FPV).

FPV is designed as a voting system for Third World Conditions, for presidential and for parliamentary elections. FPV is designed to make election fraud impossible even in Zimbabwean and Nigerian conditions - i.e. the worst of the worst. It is also ideal in conflict zones such as Afghanistan and Syria.

My pursuit of this Holy Grail nearly got me politically assassinated by my own (British) government in 2007, and the Mainstream Media will not touch FPV with a bargepole (a UK slang expression) - there is probably a UK Government D-Notice in effect.......

Note that the entire Arab Spring and the current Syria crises would have been completely obviated and unnecesary had FPV been in place

That give you an idea of its power and why the West will stoop to political assassination to stop it becoming a reality anytime soon....

Politics is the art of postponing the inevitable....

Alex Weir, Gaborone, Botswana 7 March 2013