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fraud proof voting - SEEV - THE most important project on this website ***

cd3wd - a massive 555GB of high quality 3rd world technical development info - the 2nd most important project here - and now with microdownloads! - download even with a crap connection

Adverts and Sponsers are listed here - we need more of this to survive and continue our good work

ams - agricultural marketing system - very relevant with the current emphasis on small farmers in Africa! ***

sfmss - small farmer microfinance software system - very relevant with the current emphasis on small farmers in Africa! ***

blog - alex weir - includes technical & other ideas

ideas & inventions - including an index to the blog above....

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contactus - contact info

cps - consultant search system obsolete largely


Making a Donation to support our work - by Paypal, Western Union, Moneygram or Bank Transfer

ec3wd - E commerce Third World - system inoperational - but nice content paper/ help/ FAQ


Letters - mainly about Zimbabwe



Jobs Links - websites

medexpsys - medical expert system - a very hot project ***

Mobile friendly medical content! - the best and latest of the best! ***
medins -medical insurance system




obituary - Charlie Sweet - under construction

obituary - Dick Day

obituary - GuidoSohne

resumes - alex weir

sales - a bit out of date - will be updated July 2013

SAM - sms answerback mailbox


Security for SQL Server Databases

smszim - SMS gateways for Third World

SPS - low cost secure electronic payment systems

Statistics on our web pages

systems - Alex Weir consultancy software systems

Twec Third World E-Commerce

gps - global products and services

Twi - Third World Information, including non-electronic paper info

UniColumn - concept paper

UniNews - concept paper

UniPoll - DIY polling system

Encrypt - textfiles only

WEncrypt - text and binary files

WFindStr - text search - needs updating

WFindStrDotNet - text search - needs updating

WIndexService - text search - needs updating

WMail - bulk mailing program

WordHtm - slims down htm pages produced from word documents

wxlate - highly innovative translation & language useage system 2012

Zimbabwe Content

Zimbabwe Adverts - a new and very hot mini-project as of 2013 July! *** - and also of interest globally

zer - zimbabwe electoral register snapshot of 2008

zim tourism

Zimbabwe company database 2006

Zimbabwe Yellow Pages Telephone and Address Directory 2006

ZimExport 2006

zim handicrafts 2006

Zim Management Database 2008

Zimbabwe Reconstruction 2008

ZSE Zimbabwe Stock Exchange - 2008

pwatch price watch Zimbabwe- 2008

pwatch2 price watch 2 Zimbabwe - 2008

sw and mw radio frequences for zimbabwe

Guest Section
resume - Barry Bosman - DTP expert & manager

resume - Ehsan Al Nimri - Arabic Translator

resume - Omar Bawaneh - Arabic Translator

NGO - rural development project Zambia - DAFF - 2012

NGO - aaguimep Guinea Conakry - a barefoot German doctor

NGO - tadero Tanzania

NGO - twende Tanzania - 2012

SME - GNI fishing flies Kenya

tpoulsen - tolla poulsen art

winwin - private sector/cooperative model for third world development - 2007

Photo - Alex Weir

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